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Welcome to Ancestry

A Heart-felt Farewell from Dárwin,

I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Everyone in the guild for their support through this rough transition in my life. As most of you know and some may not, I have been forced to take an unspecified leave of absence from WoW, in addition to other things in my life.  At this time and going forward, Ksiglobal will be taking over leadership of the guild in my absence.  I do hope that you all stick around and continue to play together and grow as a guild.  However, I do also understand that in these times of change many will walk their own path, which is ok too.

I want to thank Ksiglobal for helping me build this guild from a lackluster leveling guild to a full on raiding team. Your help and dedication brought us farther then we ever thought was possible. Thank you for our wonderful Vent Service, the Ksi Radio Channel, and all the wonderful times you helped bring to the guild.

Micronowski, thank you for assisting with mine and Ksi's vision to help this guild become strong and competitive. For stepping up to MT and helping us clear most all of the end game content, and for being an awesome friend.

Helke, without your patience, support, and the friends you brought to us, none of this would have been possible. The unspoken "Mom" of the guild, you helped to keep us professional and on task, while still having fun and we are forever grateful. Without your assistance and leadership, we surely would have never come this far and I will always be grateful to you for that.

Hallowette, Phokolor, and the crew Thank You for taking a chance on us and transferring to our server. You helped us achieve a greatness I was not sure we were going to achieve. You guys are all great new friends and it was an honor to game with you all.

Spoils, thanks for being an all around great guy and always available to help the guild, even through the Dogg debockle. Your loyalty and friendship will not be forgotten.

Razza, thanks for sticking with us from the beginning. I will miss both your humor and frustration when we all worked together to accomplish our goals in ICC. You are a shining example of loyalty and I will remember you always for that.

For anyone not specifically mentioned, please know that you were a valuable part of our team and will always be on my mind and in my heart as I walk blindly through this road of change. I will be popping into the Vent Server from time to time so hopefully keep an eye out for me. I will attempt to keep my account active for as long as possible, so that I can check in on everyone whenever I can.

May all your RL and Game Goals come to pass and may we always have the sanctuary that if all else fails, we can always come back to Ancestry with an open door and an open heart!


Dárwin ...  aka ...  Darren!

Your Privacy and Personal Info: Recently there have been a few concerns about our new requirements for registration in regards to providing personal information. We at Ancestry truly understand and respect your rights to play anonymously. An email address is required by Guild Portal (not us) to register a Free account. In order to assist you in maintaining your privacy, we recommend signing up a new free email address at Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. That way you don't have to worry about giving out your private or main email address. Please note that Ancestry will NEVER contact you at the provided email address. We prefer to communicate in-game, on Ventrilo, or directly through the website (which provides you an Ancestry Mail account to use). Please send any questions or concerns to Dárwin, Ksiglobal, or Micronowski via in-game mail message.
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